Reviews & Testimonials for Lesley Valentine L.Ac (licensed acupuncturist)

She takes the time to really listen

I know I can trust Lesley to give the absolute best treatment possible. Her training is far and above what is taught in TCM classes and she takes the time to really listen to her patients.

Zane Gard

I highly recommend you check her out

Lesley has a wonderful and very different approach to acupuncture than I have experienced in the past. I have used and believe in acupuncture and other alternative medicine for my health, mind and body. Lesley Valentine approach has assisted me in relaxation and other issues. I highly recommend you check her out and give her a try, you will be surprised at the results!!

Tim Saeland

Lesley is effective, professional, and collaborative

I received acupuncture for a torn meniscus and MCL. Lesley is effective, professional, and collaborative. After 3 months of pain, and having received recommendations for surgery to remove the meniscus, I started acupuncture treatment with Lesley. At the time I was still finding it difficult to walk and poor sleep and my condition had deteriorated to the point that I occasionally needed a cane. My baseline when I’d received the injury was a level of fitness that allowed me to compete athletically at an amateur level. Over the course of a few weeks with Lesley my pain subsided to the point that I walk normally and without assistance, having sometimes to remind myself that I’m still healing, and my sleep has improved to near normal. I fully recommend acupuncture for the knee, and Lesley as a treatment professional.

Robert Synak

Rare and Magical Acupuncturist

Lesley is one of those rare and magical acupuncturists, truly one of the best – there is a reason people travel from long distances to come see her! Absolutely life changing on every level – I can not recommend her highly enough!❤️

Heather Hunt

Lesley is wonderful

Lesley is an amazing practitioner of Japanese style acupuncture. I originally started seeing Lesley for a low back problem I had had for years and she helped me resolve that in just one visit. Now I go every few months to recalibrate my body. I leave feeling as if my whole body is communicating with itself efficiently and harmoniously. Lesley is wonderful, incredibly knowledgeable and I highly recommend her.

Natalie Olson

Worth every penny and then some

After months and months of dealing with two shoulder injuries that would not heal (Rugby), I scheduled a session with Lesley Valentine. Not only can I raise my shoulders above my head today, but I slept more soundly than I have in months thanks to her identifying other older injuries that were the root cause of my troubles. Thank you so much for this gift of health. Worth every penny and then some.

Troy Rulmyr

Lesley is an amazing acupuncturist

Lesley is an amazing acupuncturist, hands down! She spends the time with a compassionate ear to find out exactly what’s going on with you. She has been an advocate for me in my recovery from Lyme disease and has helped me in ways that exceeded my expectations and scope of possibilities. She’s very thorough and it’s obvious she cares about her clients. I feel like a different person after working with her and always sleep better, plus her space is very grounded. Her treatments work! Get ready to feel better!

Melody Ann

Awesome Practitioner

Leslie is an awesome practitioner. I appreciate her mastery of Japanese-style acupuncture.

Allen Wagner

Brilliant in her understanding

Lesley is very attuned to the body’s energy signature. She has a gentle touch and a deep healing modality. Brilliant in her understanding of the human body and psyche. If you are looking for a deeply nourishing and healing experience I can’t recommend Lesley enough.

Laura Rowe

Lesley is the best acupuncturist I have ever experienced!

Lesley is the best acupuncturist I have ever experienced! At a time when I was at my wit’s end and stretching myself far too thin, my immune system tanked, and I was getting sick constantly. Lesley felt my pulses and noted that my immune system had been weak for a long time. She carefully placed the needles, let me fall asleep on her table, and immediately afterward I felt peaceful, rested, and my cough was gone. I came in twice more within that month, and *knock on wood* I have not been sick since!

Lesley is intuitive, thorough, and has a passion for bettering her practice. I have sent multiple patients to Artful Life Acupuncture for her healing touch, and every single patient has left healthier than when they came. Thank you, Lesley!

Dr. Emily Wolbers

Lesley is a great acupuncturist!

Lesley is a great acupuncturist! She has a very different style than I have experienced before but super effective. Lesley can figure out where the pain stems from and end the pain for you. She is very attentive and compassionate along with good storytelling.

Pamela Monroe

Such an amazing help to me

Lesley is such an amazing practitioner. She fully understands the body and finds what each person needs. And more than that, is a dear friend. She has been such an amazing help to me.

Pamela Wimmer

Best acupuncturist in Portland

Lesley is such an amazing healer. Lesley’s depth of knowledge and her passion for learning and discovery makes her the best acupuncturist in Portland. Her style of Japanese style acupuncture, her care and professionalism, makes me a repeat customer. I will always recommend Lesley and Artful Life Acupuncture

Ryan Cooper Hall

AMAZING results

Ultimately results speak loudest. AMAZING results on an issue I have been struggling with for almost 2 years. I cannot recommend Lesley high enough.

Glenn Slate

Lesley is amazing.

Lesley is amazing. She really listens to your story and your body to create a treatment designed for you. She is very knowledgeable in the art and science of acupuncture and is happy to share that knowledge. She quickly and efficiently diagnosed and treated my injury pain which allowed me to resume my former activities.

Eileen Day